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Ultraviolet Lighting

One of the most innovative ways to remove organisms such as viruses, bacteria, mold and dust mites.

Browns is one of the premier providers of Ultraviolet clensing solutions in Pasco County, Florida. If you are considering implementing UV into your system but are unsure if you are in need for UV light duct cleaning, allow our friendly technicians to help you determine if this solution would be of benefit to you or not.

UV lights are commonly installed close to the indoor coil of the heating systems and air conditioners, which is the main breeding ground for bacteria. The UV rays that are emitted by these lights kill the bacteria and makes sure the indoor coil is kept clean at all times so your family can breathe healthy air, free of any germs and microorganisms.

Our UV specialists have over 30 years in the air conditioning industry. Trust them for all of your ultraviolet lighting needs.

Modern Engineering

We use the most modern engineering calculations to ensure that your new ultraviolet light filtration will be large enough to keep your home clear from even the strongest bacteria.

Professional Installation

Even the highest quality products must be assembled and installed properly in order to maximize energy savings, enhance system performance and ensure years of trouble free comfort.

The Best Products

Our skilled tradesmen have worked with many products over the years and gained a solid understanding of what's good and what's not. We only use the best products available.

Benefits of Ultraviolet Light Filtration

  • Increased efficiency of the heating units and air conditioning systems
  • Enhanced savings due to increased efficiency
  • Improvement in the quality of indoor air
  • Reduced consumption of energy
  • Decreased maintenance costs
  • Elimination of foul odor

Other Indoor Air Quality Products

Air Purifiers & Cleaners
The most common cause of poor indoor air quality is the presence of contaminants in the air. Air purifiers use specialized technology to remove those pollutants directly, making the air fresher, cleaner and easier to breathe.
Dry air in the home can aggravate asthma symptoms and lower your quality of life. Air humidifiers not only make it easier to breathe but also help preserve wooden furniture.
Everyone wants to let fresh air into the home, but nobody wants to let their air conditioning be compromised by an open window. Energy recovery ventilators are designed to work with your existing cooling systems, pumping in fresh air without sacrificing cooling power.
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